This is a set that keeps me feeling grounded in reality, although It’s My Reality—not this current mess.



The next volume in the ‘Le Monde du Funk’ series links the blissful sounds of the mid-70s on ‘Volume 9‘ and ‘The Gold and the Silver Dream‘ to the arty edges of ‘Le Nouveau Son‘ and ‘1981‘ through to the electro-tinged post-disco of ‘du Funk ’85‘.  ’82 is traces the synth lines between boogie, disco, funk, electro, pop and even a bit of funky art-rock, at the beginning of the 80s.  The beat and the bass are central even in the pop tunes, but the fuzzy, warm electronics are the secret weapon, as what started coolly with Kraftwerk and warmed up with Giorgio Moroder came to a boil.  The robots in Daft Punk hear this music in their dreams.

Le Monde du Funk ’82‘ is a party in a C90.  D-Train, Zapp, Shalamar and Andre…

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