Gay is Good

Candidate believes marriage equality is “possibly related” to COVID pandemic — April 2, 2021
What to Watch: gay ‘Shoplifters’ on the lam, Model Child’s latest gay rock, & queer leaders tell all — March 27, 2021
Lindsey Graham threatens to “talk until I fell over” to stop LGBTQ civil rights bill from passing — March 19, 2021
Mitt Romney will oppose LGBTQ rights bill unless Christians get a right to discriminate — February 17, 2021
Pete Buttigieg becomes America’s first out Cabinet member — February 3, 2021
Gay couple nearly killed by man shouting “fa***ts.” But he wasn’t charged with a hate crime. — February 1, 2021
Kathy Griffin gets ultimate revenge on MAGA harasser by turning her in to FBI for rioting at Capitol —
President Biden overturns the ban on transgender military personnel — January 25, 2021
New Cadbury commercial features a gay couple intimately “sharing” a cream egg — January 18, 2021
Franklin Graham compares Trump’s impeachment to Jesus dying on the cross —
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