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Over the past week, Donald John Trump’s Circus Maximus of American fascism reached full bloom.

In ancient Rome, the Circus Maximus was the largest coliseum. It hosted chariot races, gladiatorial combat, hunts of wild animals, sporting events, parades and other grand happenings. Like the Roman Empire in its decline, the United States is now vomiting up grotesque spectacles.

To that end, Trump’s regime uses spectacle as a means of distracting the public from its assault on democracy, the Constitution, the rule of law, and the American people. Trump’s fascist Circus Maximus is also a way of intimidating his foes and further seducing his cult members and other followers.

Last Tuesday, Mad King Trump gave his annual State of the Union speech. On Twitter, political scientist and Washington Post contributor Brian Klaas described the event as “the logical conclusion of populism: a series of misleading lies and fear-mongering dressed up as…

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