Gronda Morin

“We the People” have been hearing the words, that the republican President Donald  J. Trump is the symptom of what’s been permeating the GOP world for decades.

As a former GOP member until 2016, I left because of what I perceived was a party, where racism had become an invasive virulent disease that has been growing within the Republican Party ranks.

I discerned that when President Trump began his campaign to become the 45th US president with his rant against immigrants, based on hyperbole, false data, outright lies that this was code that would not only appeal to the anti-immigration hardliners, but many of whom are racists. When the president gave cover to White Supremacist type groups as he did with the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlotteville, VA. by referring to them as fine peoples, he was condoning their behaviors and beliefs, which are mostly Antisemitic in nature…

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