It is time that my blog tries to reach out to my community and find members that can come together for my project.I have an idea that the LGBTQIA+community and America are both being held down from progress by the very thing that should be reaching out to help us all. The Bible Belt has always been a society that was tied to the social pressures of the church.We need to find a way to change how our community is viewed by the church. We need to have a full revival of sorts. If the church will agree to preach a message of inclusiveness to its members, then things will change for everyone.

Up till now, the church has been carrying on a support system for the Republican party and that includes agreeing to support the rich and damn the sick and the poor. We all realise that Republicans didn’t intend for this to be their status quo, but when you speak against social programs and government in general, then you wind up with an impossible to fix situation in the centre of power.It is time to reconsider the liberal viewpoint and the socially liberal ideas of equality for women, all races, and all sexualities.

I believe that theatre is an art that can teach everyone truths. The truths that I want to explore are the dangers that children are put in by society when the church preaches that the LGBTQIA+ community is not a natural, God-given p part of our world that everyone must accept and celebrate. It is causing kids to kill themselves and parents to kick their own children out into the streets.This is obviously not what God wants, and we must all come together to find a way to teach the people how Christian thinking should have evolved.Theatre can do that. If I have help creating a script and poetic lyrics, as a musician with a background in theatrical music that has Composer credits, I promise that I can take that mixed with my early life as a Church musician and create a lovely listenable score that no one will ever forget. It’s time for this. Before I reach 60 years of age I want collaborators and if necessary we can include other composers. Let’s get cracking. If we write stories and intertwine them, then we will tell everyone’s personal journey as a Gay Christian, or just a person living in the culture affected by the hate that the church has taught up until now.