The Beastly Ex-Boyfriend

Why is sex so important? I am a 53 year old virgin and don’t miss something I have never had.

As a 25-year-old, I can’t tell you what to find important.

No teacher is greater than experience, and you have 53 years of experience avoiding sex—no small accomplishment, considering the fact that you can’t turn on a daytime soap opera without seeing a love scene.

Everything everywhere tells us to fuck. Every cologne ad tells us the message that we should be having sex (not too much, not too often, but definitely doing it).

I won’t go into the double standard of sexual advertising (you’re supposed to want sex, but after enjoying a certain amount, you’ve had “too much” and are a considered a slut, whore, etc.) but I can say that we live in a world in which you cannot live without encountering the idea that sex is something…

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