From weeks ago, but even more important due to Haircut trying to Out-Golf Trump…from Korea…

The Trumplandia Review

US Has Make-up Sex with China

It was another amazing week here in the magical kingdom of Trumplandia – where all your dreams become fake-facts.

After months of sniping and arguing and threats, the United States finally invited China to Mar-a-Lago and it was soooooooo beautiful.  They really, truly listened to each other,  just totally opened up and understood each other,  and then they had the most romantic foreign relations, and afterward they stayed up late talking about North Korea, and then the next morning – this part is so beautiful – China approved Ivanka’s trademarks so she can sell her products there, and guess what?  China isn’t a currency manipulator after all!!!  I always tear up at happy endings like that.

Okay, it was a bit awkward afterward when South Korea caught the US and China going at it,  and the Gilded One declared, after his night of passion…

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