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Donald Delivers Healthcare Load

Yes, fellow Trumplandians, it’s happened!  Our President’s “healthcare” act has passed.  After all the pushing and straining of a constipated old man’s bowel movement, Donald Dump’s bio-hazardous legislation has passed!  It exploded out of the Lower Chamber of the House on May 4th.  Paul Ryan, racing out of the Capitol bearing the official Presidential Chamberpot, shared the glorious news with the world.


It was just six weeks ago that the original Crap Sandwich Healthcare Act (CSHA), denying healthcare to millions of Americans while giving billionaires a huge tax break, failed to garner enough support among rightwing extremists.  Yet through the magical give-and-take of the legislative process,  and after committing to making the bill as bad as humanly possible, it has passed!  O Great Day in Trumplandia!  King Donald has discharged his duty!

For our young readers unfamiliar with the process, we’ve created this helpful…

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