a Musical theater Piece

Tonight I finally watched the last few episodes of “This Is Us” . NBC has a real hit. Milo Ventimiglia should get an Emmy. What is really interesting is what it made me think about.I remembered the feelings I felt when I was a young person in high school and it was time to go to college.  I knew that I had talent, but I wasn’t attractive. I had never been attractive to people, and that changed the way I dealt with everyone. Most of the self-help books in the 70s were about neuroses, so that was how I tried to fix my self image problem. However, in my senior year of high school I fell in love. I will only say that the boy’s name was Greg, and he was everything to me.He gave me strength to do theater and he gave me strength to audition for college. But, my folks didn’t want a Gay son. I tried so hard to change, and agreed to start college in a Baptist school.

So, I went to a Baptist school in Alabama and left my love in Kentucky to finish his schooling.This was not a happy choice. The school was fine, but I needed Greg.I was in school waiting for him to decide about college when he was killed in a car accident.I lost him. I was a 19-year old widower, without benefit of marriage. It was before Gay marriage.This was what that show was able to stir in my mind, and so I cried again.

We never get over deaths. They change us.My father’s death , a few years ago, affected me the most.I miss him too.The men in my life seem to come and go, but I still remain. I miss old boyfriends too.I love people and hope that God appreciates my journey. My biggest goal is to find  the perfect people to help me bring to life a story of the journeys of all the Gay kids. The girls and boys that were told by our neighbors in the Bible Belt that we were an abomination.The bullying we live through . Even now, since Trump’s election I have been told that people like me are no longer welcomed in Indiana. Considering who the Vice President is, that is not so hard to believe.Pence was a governor that was actively trying to remove the civil rights that were affirmed during the Obama administration.
What I want is a musical comedy. There have been many recently that dealt with Gay culture. From the Jerry Herman musical “La Cage aux Folles”, and all the way to “Fun Home” we have seen these beautiful stories , but my story was more like a horror show on the inside.The CHURCH has been actively portraying us as evil. Some of those idiots even believe we are possessed .I remember how the word “SISSY” made us feel.I am sure that my Lesbian girlfriends went through a similar, but different story. Then there’s the cultural differences in the “White” , Black, and latino communities. All of us have different pains to share, but the similar uniting thread is what the Church has done to us. Some were outside the church, or quickly left it because they felt this hatred.

Then we have the faithful. That’s who I need to hear from. I am still a Christian. Many friends left the church , but still hold Christ’s Love as our guiding light.We hope to spread love , and protect the bullied.This is my group, and I know how we feel. We desperately want the Church to change. It is somewhat geographical, which is why I call this Biblebeltsite. However, being Bible Belted happens in the Rust Belt, Mexico, and Canada. It happens on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and since Trump is from NYC, it must happen even in New York.

Please, if you happen on this site and are a writer who understands what I’m talking about, then help me put together a dream team that can sing its way into the hearts of America, with some great choreography, and show what these kids actually go through. Let’s Stop the Bible Belting.