I realise that a site that encourages Gays to feel comfortable about declaring their Christianity seems like an odd match for this post, but not really. This anger of the White Men of the Bible Belt(Indiana,which is my home) is very pertinent to the struggle . We need to find a way to emphasise that part about our ancestors working for poor working men and women of all races and creeds. That’s the countryside that we need back. Let’s stop believing haters, because they turn out to be liars. Liberals are looking pretty Christian, and yet we know they are pretty honest and blended together from all types, so it’s the more honest part that we need to stick by.


One night when I was twelve, my cousins introduced me to the band Tool’s album Undertow. During the golden age of the compact disc, musicians could add “secret” tracks to their albums. This was a great motivation to listen to the album all the way through without skipping, well before playing songs at random was the norm. Sometimes there were “negative tracks,” coded in such a way that you wouldn’t hear the song if you skipped to the track, unless you rewound it into the negative count. The most common hidden track was tacked on to the end of the album—songs, skits, or other strange found content accessible if you sat through long minutes of waiting. The secret track of Tool’s Undertow album, “Disgustipated,” did this twice: it was the 69th track on the CD, with tracks 10-68 being a few seconds of silence, and after the song itself there…

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