jeff-sessions-300x161Suddenly appeared a way to get to on my very confusing Macbook. Many of the things that I was used to using have, and I have reason to believe that I may have a difficult to undo virus, but it doesn’t completely stop me with my political fervour because that’s who I am.

So, here we are. I am still searching for collaborators for a musical theatre piece, but I am left in an America where no one wants to be seen as out of step. If we can hide away, then we can create, but if we have to dress up in the “Miss America” gown with the make-up, and say “Hey Y’all, I’m a Gay Christian and I think banning DISNEY’s “Beauty and the Beast” is completely idiotic.”Way to go, Alabama. It’s not bad enough that you dumped Jeff Sessions on our heads? Did you have to ban a Disney movie?