This is officially a way to get beyond the horror. I promise.

The Trumplandia Review

In This Issue:  The New, Improved Trump Administration!  Now With More Nukes!


Big news here at the @failing Trumplandia Review:   We are now officially an Enemy of the People.  And we are here to share it with You the People.  Our enemies!

Let’s jump right in.

One  thing about nonexistent terror attacks: They can happen anywhere, any time!   This week, tragically, it was Sweden’s turn.   And we, who recall our own non-existent tragedy at Bowling Green so vividly, send out our special words of support:  We are with you Sweden, today, in your time of need!

In the interest of fairness, We are not going to take cheap shots about Sean Spicer mentioning the nonexistent terror attack in Atlanta.   As he explained later, it was obvious that he meant Orlando.  And come on, doesn’t everyone say, “Atlanta” when then they mean Orlando?   Why else do you think so…

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