Thank God, I have been told to calm down and that I am overreacting. I have been depressed and confused about this stolen election. I have tried to pull myself back together and smile, but this is not a time to be nice. This is a time to point and scream. We must stop this group of maniacs, before America is left in a post-War rubble. I dream of greeting the Canadian Army at the border with flowers and champagne, when they come to rescue and free our people from the racist brownshirts.

The Trumplandia Review


Much was written after 9/11 about the failure of imagination.   There were plenty of warning signs: suspected terrorists who trained to fly commercial airliners, extreme levels of “chatter” on the internet, the CIA’s grave warning, “bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.”  Yet we somehow couldn’t connect the dots.  Why?  Because the act itself – flying commercial airliners into skyscrapers – seemed so horrible, so shocking, as to be  literally, “unimaginable.”  The same phenomenon had similarly tragic consequences at Pearl Harbor.  The soldiers manning the radar saw the blips of the incoming planes.  And yet…what?   They assumed it must be nothing.  A false-positive, perhaps a squadron of U.S. planes coming from the wrong direction.   And no warning was issued.  A real attack seemed so outside the realm of experience, it was “unimaginable.”

In Hitler’s Germany, there was also a catastrophic failure of imagination.  There were many responses to Hitler’s…

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