I Got You Babe…

The Trumplandia Review

rotties-featureMany feel that 2016 was a truly horrible year, right up there with 1861, the start of the Civil War, 1932 with its rising tide of Fascism, and of course, 1993, the year that gave us The Macarena – a song we have yet to fully recover from.

Well, it’s time get over our post-Trumpatic stress, stop focusing so much on the world coming apart, and celebrate all the good things from 2016:

Obama visited Cuba!  The Cubs won the World Series!  Taylor Swift received an award of some sort.  And Bob Dylan was given the Nobel Prize for Literature!  (I was really rooting for Sonny and Cher).   Michael Phelps showed our indomitable American spirit by winning his record 23rd gold medal.  And Teammate Ryan Lochte also did us proud, by peeing in a drunken stupor at a Brazilian gas station and concocting a fake news story to cover…

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