It’s so strange to be reading someone else’s life plans and see in them many ,many things in common with your own. I have realized my little “depressions” are still a big problem ,but I push those aside and continue to use my computer and TV for escapes. Participation in life requires help and collaborators for me,so I spend too much time avoiding digging in. Let’s hope 2017 finds both of us doing things that make our world better -inside and out.

Let's Queer Things Up!

This time last year I wrote out some of my mental health resolutions for 2016. And I enjoyed – so much – the process of thinking through my resolutions, reflecting on the kind of precedent I wanted to set for my sanity, and then all the conversations we had together about what kind of year we wanted 2016 to be (this is a good time to mention our online Facebook community is a stellar place for dialogue).

And then, you know, 2016 actually happened.

For those following along at home, I kicked off 2016 with a psychiatric hospitalization and wrapped up 2016 with a relapse and a field trip to rehab. As far as mental health goes, it’s not been my finest year.

This doesn’t even touch on the fact that we’ve lost numerous pop culture icons – most recently mental health and addiction advocate/badass Carrie Fisher – and we…

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