Keeping to read over the holidays ,because it might save my life.

S. Bradford Long

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I recently wrote these words in my journal: “I think social media and the internet, while a great gift,has also been a curse. I fear it has greatly exacerbated my anxiety and depression. It has robbed much of me. Turning – at least to a degree – to an analog life might be just as vital – if not more so – than my mood-stabilizing meds.”

The internet offers us a set of tools with certain promises: Social Media promises intimacy and connection. Various websites promise entertainment. Certain apps promise everything from relief from depression to better health to greater organization and focus. I benefit enormously from the internet, and I am forever grateful to it, but the promises of ordering, focusing, and deepening my life have failed abysmally. I have found emptiness, anxiety, and over stimulation where I sought for focus and order. I have found shallowness masquerading…

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