I tried to suffer through trying to get on-line support ,only to find that my mac-pro didn’t have coverage .OK,so as a computer illiterate fool,I asked my cousin Martha to order it for me.I suppose she got a really good deal ,and I was pleased until I was gifted with an “upgrade” from Apple.Now,nothing is like it was.My computer didn’t recognize me ,and I had to establish a new password to get to my browser.
Several months ago,I didn’t know what a browser was,or have a Facebook account.So,here I am,completely confused .Last month ,Apple downloaded something into my computer ,that had it talking to me.I suppose it was Siri’s brother,some computer voice that nearly drove me crazy ,until I figured out how to turn that stupid voice off.I’m afraid that their upgrade thinks I want to be forced to buy an iPhone 7 ,or whatever that new thing is.
I can’t be without a computer now.I got hooked.It’s worse than heroine.Forget the pain medicine I must take for my neuropathy,this stupid computer sends me into withdrawal in 15 minutes.I know that if I had money ,this would not bother me.However,I don’t ,and this computer cost me an entire month’s disability check.
I wish I could say that this post has something to do with my music project ,but it doesn’t .It has to do with my ability to connect,and that indirectly has a negative effect on my search for collaborators.